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We select the best detergents for professional cleaning of any type of environment, relying on our experience in the cleaning sector and on the best Italian and international brands. Our offer is the result of a selection of detergents aimed at guaranteeing cleanliness, hygiene, safety, reliability and respect for the environment. We are not looking for "spot" sales. With customers, we want to create transparent and long-term partnerships. It is very important to be able to understand the current situation, the critical points, to achieve the desired situation and cost control, providing only products and articles that are really necessary. Our range of professional cleaners includes:

  • Surface cleaners: concentrated and multipurpose cleaners, alcoholic cleaners for shiny surfaces, degreasers, cleaners for inks and markers, sanitizers, polishing cleaners, aerosol products for stainless steel surfaces, specific detergents for removing graffiti, furniture polishes, disgorgants caustic cleaners; professional cleaners for wood and glass
  • Products for the renovation and treatment of floors: descalers, wood treatments, wax remover, degreasers, detergents, waxes, stone treatments, products for cleaning fabrics and carpets
  • Surface maintenance products: detergents for daily cleaning, maintenance and washer-dryers, adjuvants for general cleaning, sanitizing detergents, super-concentrated detergents with dilution system
  • Bathroom hygiene products: toilet and sanitary cleaners, air fresheners and toilets, automatic perfume systems
  • Laundry products: with manual dosage, in powder, with automatic dosage liquids
  • Products for the kitchen environment: detergents for automatic and manual dishwashing, kitchen hygiene products, specific products for the treatment of metals and steels.


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